Members and Rightholders


See the producers that are registered rightholders of Grammo in the following link

Reciprocal Agreements

Apart from the direct relation to producers, Grammo also represents a wide independent foreign repertoire through reciprocal agreements with corresponding societies of other countries, that you can see in the following link

The list of Grammo’s members, rightholders and reciprocal agreements is affirmed by the 44856/20-10-2020 certificate of the Hellenic Copyright Organization (OPI)

Information for becoming a registered member of Grammo

If you meet the conditions you can submit the application for becoming a member of Grammo.

In order to register your repertoire with Grammo, the minimum information required is included in the fields of the template below

For any questions regarding the membership conditions, the application or any other enquiries, you can contact with our Organization for assistance.