Use of music

When a sound recording is used for broadcasting by means of radio, television, cable TV, satellite transmission or presentation to the public (public performance), a remuneration right for the copyright and neighboring rights owners is “born”.

Law 2121/1993 provided, just as law 4481/2017 provides that Collecting Societies that operate under license of the Minister of Culture can form a joint Collecting Society.

With a private agreement on 28/9/2011 the societies GRAMMO, ERATO, APOLLON, which were the only and representative societies in the Hellenic territory that operated under license of the Minister of Culture and jointly collected and administrated the equitable and single remuneration of art.49 par.1 Law 2121/93, established the joint society GEA – GRAMMO, ERATO, APOLLON. GEA is a non-profit organization of the civil law and its assignment is the collection of equitable and single remuneration of art. 49 par.1 Law 2121/93.

For every form of music use, depending on the significance of the music for the operation of the business or the service, the corresponding tariff applies.